Mens Health
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Women's Health
Ladies additionally need to undergo gender specific preventive check ups for ruling out or for nearly detection of
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Countless phrases are thrown at us everyday which signify the need of a good health for proper functioning of our bodies. However, one of the basic reasons of people falling to ill health is ignorance or incomplete knowledge when it comes to human health. Here are some tips which will ensure your good health.
Health Tips
Q.   Not the How, but Why?
Ans : Exercise is mandatory to each and everyone. There are various exercises aimed to prevent a variety of illnesses and instances. For example, if one wants to take precautions against cardiac risk, cycling and swimming are the best bets.

Walking, jogging and other forms of aerobic exercises are excellent for strong joints and bones. Light weight lifting also maintains the strength of bones and joints in the body.

Q.   Is It Ever Enough?
Ans : The basic aim of exercise is to increase the body performance as compared to its demand. Recommended exercise is take the heart rate to 60 percent of it's maximum for twenty to thirty minutes twice or thrice a week.
    To calculate your target heart rate -
    Maximum heart rate = 220 – age = max
    Target heart rate = max x 0.60 = target
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