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'Positively Pregnant™ is a unique series of prenatal classes running successfully at Jehangir Hospital since 1999
1. How do Positively Pregnant™ prenatal classes benefit expectant parents?
For first-time parents, having a baby is a great leap into the unknown. At Positively Pregnant™ prenatal classes you are surrounded by other expectant parents. You share your thoughts and learn about what to expect through the coming days. This creates awareness about the process of childbirth, the pain-relief options available, baby care methods and practical ways to minimise discomfort. If you've had a previous birth experience, Positively Pregnant™ refreshes you with new methods and ways in which you can make this pregnancy easier to handle, now that you already have one child to look after.
2. Apart from prenatal exercises and patterned breathing, what else will I learn at Positively Pregnant™?
At Positively Pregnant™, you will learn about parenthood preparation, recognition and handling of physical and emotional discomforts, all aspects of pre and post-natal nutrition, successful breastfeeding, labour and delivery preparation, and care of your newborn. Post-natal self-care, fitness and contraception are some of the vital topics included in the program.
3. I have been told my pregnancy has a few complications. Can Positively Pregnant™ help someone like me?
For Mothers with pregnancy-related complications, multiple births or even a high-risk pregnancy, the faculty and co-participants at Positively Pregnant™ provide empathy, support and companionship. You have an added bonus of loads of information in the areas that you can share with other parents. These include baby care, exercise, comfort measures for pregnancy and labour, patterned breathing and relaxation techniques.
4 I'm a working mother-to-be with limited time in my hands. How often and when are your classes held? Are there other working women like me at Positively Pregnant™?
Positively Pregnant™ classes run once a week for eight Saturday evenings; the timings have been especially chosen for everyone's convenience - 5-7 pm. Our Mothers are homemakers, socialites, celebrities, and professionals from various fields. At Positively Pregnant™ you can come straight from work, freshen up, be served a healthy snack and get some time to mix with your co-participants. Our Moms and Dads are the nicest, friendliest people.
5. I am already seeing a good gynecologist for my pregnancy…. and going to my mother's place in another city for my delivery. I will not be delivering in the hospital where Positively Pregnant™ is run.
Your gynecologist is your primary healthcare provider all through your pregnancy. You must be
  guided by her/him and follow the guidelines for care given to you. Positively Pregnant™ being an educational program does not seek to replace your gynecologist and will not interfere with her/his advice in any way. The faculty will not offer any medical advice, make recommendations, give prescriptions, check your reports or offer "second opinions". It would be unethical of us to do so.
You don't have to be a patient of this hospital or deliver here, to be a Positively Pregnant™ mom.
6. When can I join Positively Pregnant™?
  You can join Positively Pregnant™ anytime after you complete 12 weeks [three months] of your
  pregnancy. Joining early will help you get plenty of time to put into use and practice all that you learn at Positively Pregnant™. For more information call Jehangir Hospital at 26050550 extn 4005. Monday-Saturday during working hours.
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