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Save the Number 1066 in your Mobile and Landline

1066 is your lifeline to an advanced life support ambulance, day and night. Emergencies can cause panic and result in forgetfulness. Avoid this. Save this number in your mobile and landline phonebook.
1066 - is a telephone number which can be called from any landline or mobile, any time of the day or night, for any emergency. This number has been allotted to the Apollo Hospitals Group across India.
This is a free service for patients coming to Jehangir Hospital (within 30 km). For patients who wish to get admitted to any other hospital we charge a nominal fee.
1066 & Emergency
Jehangir Hospital in association with the Apollo Hospitals Group has launched '1066 Emergency Services' in Pune, since April 2, 2003.
The aim of this service is to provide comprehensive pre hospital and in hospital care. We have 4 ambulances with Advanced Life Support (ALS) systems, backed up by other ambulances with basic life support systems. This service is available within a radius of 30 km from Jehangir Hospital.
Since its launch in May 2003, this service has answered over 5,000 emergency calls in Pune and saved countless lives. The hospital has opened an outreach Emergency and Trauma Centre at Hadapsar in April 2007, to cater to patients for whom it is not possible to access professional emergency care in the peripheries of the city.
Some of the outstanding achievements of the Dial 1066 Service include:
  Helping a mother deliver a baby in the general compartment of a train at Pune station.
  Responding effectively to a distress call from a patient onboard a plane.
  Rescuing persons trapped in a collapsed building and three persons overcome by noxious fumes
    in a manhole.
  Effectual response to a major calamity in a forging unit in Pune where a major explosion resulted
    in 26 workers getting severe burns. All the casualties were brought to Jehangir Hospital and the rapidity of response and quality of treatment saved 24 lives. The two people who could not be saved had suffered over 90% burns.
Since the ambulances are equipped with Defibfillators, Ventilators and other lifesaving equipment, treatment begins on the spot, within the 'Golden Hour' and this has saved many lives, especially during cardiac emergencies like Heart Attacks.
To avail this service all you need to do is dial 1066 from your landline or mobile
( Reliance, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Idea ).
This young boy had fallen from the third floor of a building. Dr. Fiyaz Pasha and his team saved his life by intubating him on-the-spot.
This lady went into labour while traveling from Secunderabad to Mumbai in a train. Dr Fiyaz Pasha, responded to a distress call from the Station Master, Pune Station, and helped her deliver in the general compartment of the train, when it halted at Pune Station. Both mother and baby were subsequently shifted to Jehangir Hospital and discharged after a week, in good condition.
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