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The Jehangir Hospital, Pune has addressed some of the major aspects of treating Diabetes by setting up the Ishanya Foundation Diabetes Center, supported by the Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Ltd. This center provides a comprehensive approach, covering multi-disciplinary treatment, patient education, diet and lifestyle counseling as well.
But the most significant part of the treatment at the Centre is the effective management of complications of Diabetes like Cardiac Disease, Eye Problems, Diabetic Foot, Kidney Failure, Nephropathies, etc.

An exclusive feature of the treatment at the Centre is the availability of specialised equipment for Foot Mapping, Nerve Testing (Biothesiometer) and measurement of blood flow in the limbs (Peripheral Doppler).

  The Centre has also addressed the issue of cost-effectiveness of treatment, as Diabetics are required to undergo various investigations periodically, by setting up the Jehangir Diabetes Club.
Beating Diabetes Burnout.
Building self-esteem
Taking care of the whole U. It is more than just treating the Sugar.
Explore the relationship of Diabetes to other common medical problems such as Obesity, High
Blood Pressure, Elevated Cholesterol / Triglycerides, Heart problems, Abnormal periods (PCOS).
Develop a comprehensive health strategy for improving your overall health status.
Medical Excellence and Personalized Care.

The name Jehangir Hospital is synonymous with medical professionals of the highest caliber and ethics. The hospital has the personnel and the infrastructure to deal effectively with your diabetes and any of its complications.

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