Mens Health
The objective of this section is to make you aware of the recommended guidelines regarding prevention of diseases...++More
Women's Health
Ladies additionally need to undergo gender specific preventive check ups for ruling out or for nearly detection of
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  Kindly take prior appointment if possible. For appt please contact the health check-up department on 020 66811806.
  Please ensure you have been fasting for 12 hour prior to check-up.
  Do not take any medications, alcohol, Cigarettes, tobacco or any other liquid (except water) in the morning.
  Please bring all your medical prescriptions and previous medical records with you.
  Please wear two piece loose comfortable clothes if possible.
  Kindly inform the MHC reception in case you have a history of Diabetic or Cardiac problems.
For Women
  Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy should inform us and are advised not to undergo any
X-ray test.
  It is advisable not to undergo any health cheq during your menstrual cycle.
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