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Jehangir Hospital (previously Jehangir Nursing Home) has a record of dedicated patient care in Pune for the last 50 years. Jehangir Hospital has carved a niche for itself in the city's history thanks to the doyens of medical community that have worked here for decades.

Jehangir Hospital has been well known in and around Pune city for its unbending commitment towards needy patients. It seemed that the two forces of Apollo and Jehangir could be brought together with a common objective to provide the best, the most professional and the most empathic care to patients in Pune.

With this aim in view, Jehangir hospital has collaborated with Apollo hospitals group and come on a common platform to serve the people of Pune City better.

List of the Board of Trustees.
  Chairman : Mr. Jehangir H. C. Jehangir
  Mr. N. K. Pudumjee Mr. K. D. Pudumjee Mr. M. Y. Paranjape Dr. S. M. S. Mody
  Dr. E. K. Bharucha Mrs. Jasmine Jehangir Mr. Pheroz Pudumjee Mr. B. Dubash
  Mr. Adar Poonawala Mr. Firdaus Dastoor        
SPECIALITES  :   Heart Institute   |   Orthopedics  |  Spine Surgery   |   Gastroenterology   |   Neurosciences   |   Cancer Care   |   Nephrology and Urology |   Critical Care |   Preventive Care  
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