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   Chairman's Message  
Thank you for dropping in at Jehangirhosptal.com. We appreciate it. The hospital has evolved into one of the finest and certainly the most preferred tertiary care institutes in Pune.
Those who have visited our website earlier will notice that we have made the site more meaningful, especially for those who seek modern day remedies and greater value, rather than just superior technology and good consultants.

A warm and friendly ambience, high quality medical services and personalised nursing care have been the hallmarks of the Jehangir Hospital, ever since its inception in 1946.The phrase - ‘Retaining our values as we modernize, we add care’, perfectly illustrates how we are forging ahead. For us the patient remains the center of all our endeavours as we evolve with changing times.
  At the end of a hospital stay, the patient must go home thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the services and care rendered to him and not just with the medical treatment. Our aim is to ensure such sentiments consistently, from patient to patient. We continue to do so through our unrelenting efforts to devise processes that revolve around patients well being.
  We believe in delivering consistent quality care to all our patients. With the evolution of insurance and the corporate world’s renewed focus on employee well-being, our emphasis is on partnering with them. The continuum of care is an added edge that we offer as an organization and we aim to strategically position ourselves in this realm.
  Yes, hospitalization can be a major financial drain for the patients and medical excellence and personalised care cannot be achieved without considerable investment in infrastructure, technology and human resources. Under these circumstances, our philosophy is to provide the expected level of quality and care at a fair price. As care providers, we have succeeded in enhancing our service standards without over-burdening the patients financially. The overall value delivered through prompt access to care has resulted in a high level of satisfaction amongst our patients. This has also made Jehangir the preferred health care provider. Our value-for-money approach ensures that the patient recovers faster, his hospitalisation is reduced and he can return to work earlier.
  Our doctors are an integral and vital part of our commitment to deliver exceptional care. You will find them to be professional and approachable with a personal touch. They bring excellence in their work to help patients recover faster and return to their normal lives as soon as possible. Their passion to heal patients and their constant drive towards higher quality outcomes is unmatched.
  Here, at Jehangirhosptal.com, we encourage you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, all of which are the essence of fitness. Good health has always been a priceless asset, but in today's environment it is even more valuable. What was once an easily achievable state of being is rendered difficult, and under no circumstances can be taken for granted anymore. Changing lifestyles are bringing forth the need for us to learn more about our overall well-being and the importance of preventive healthcare.
  Thus, Jehangirhosptal.com will also tell us, in simple terms, what easy steps we can take in our daily lives to keep ourselves healthy. Some of these steps, for example, wearing masks and helmets on two-wheelers, will benefit us directly as individuals, while others, such as conserving resources, will be a contribution to society, where the result will not be seen directly, but will go towards building a stronger, cleaner, more responsible environment for ourselves and our future generations.
  The important personal benefit of the latter inputs will be a constant ‘feel good’ factor that we will carry in our lives through performing little deeds we never thought of, such as switching off lights when we leave a room and realizing ‘I too can make a difference.’
  The importance of diet and exercise cannot be over-emphasized. Thus, we will strive to provide appropriate pointers in these areas that can be realistically applied in the course of a busy, stressful schedule, typical of present times.
  Mr. Jehangir H. C. Jehangir
  Jehangir Hospital
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