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Cancer (Oncology)




Western nations have learnt to control the incidence of cancer by systematic preventive screening. This has resulted in about 30%- 50% reduction in deaths caused due to Breast Cancer and a 100% cure rate in Prostate Cancers.

In India, Lung Cancer is the most common type of Cancer. Early detection is crucial as the cure rate is only about 70%; even at stage I. Only about 75 % of the cases are diagnosed in the late stages, which is why mortality rate is very high.

At Jehangir Hospital, we have set up a comprehensive screening programme for early detection of cancer. The technology used ensures that the detection process is minimally invasive, convenient to undergo, quick and almost painless.

Major Risk Factors In Indians

Some of the factors contributing to the increasing incidence of cancer in Indian males include alcohol consumption, high-stress levels, obesity, high calorie, non-vegetarian diets and sedentary lifestyles.

Among Indian women, late child bearing and avoidance of breast-feeding (especially in working women, who have to face professional as well as domestic stress situations) are some of the major factors that cause cancer.

Modern Technology has Revolutionised Treatment and made it Effective

Today treatment strategies have changed drastically, technological advances made in Surgery (minimally invasive surgery), Chemotherapy (drugs with lesser and lesser side effects), Radiotherapy (where high intensity X-Rays are directed with precision onto tumors) and Nuclear Medicine (highly potent magic bullets tagged with nuclear energy) target tumors specifically, thus improving effectiveness of treatment and reducing side-effects. These advanced technologies result in higher success rate of treatment and better quality of life.

Tumour Surgery made Simple

We perform Stereotactic Biopsy of tumors located in otherwise unapproachable and important areas of a human body. 'Key-Hole' approach is used to remove Pituitary Tumours, eliminating open brain surgery completely.

Known as Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery, entry into the brain is via the nose, using Endoscopes. There is no external scarring, minimal pain and the patient is discharged early.

Integrated Cancer Care

Advanced options for treatment, experts with vast experience and availability of rehabilitative services give a complete touch to our cancer facility. Patients are handled with sensitivity in a patient-friendly and positive ambience here.

Breast Care Clinic

The focus is on early diagnosis of breast tumors and if surgery is required, minimally invasive breast sparing surgery is done here.

For very early detection we have a low-radiation, high-resolution mammography system, supported by advanced Sono-Mammography.

Breast cancer detected by mammography

Breast cancer detected by mammography

Another unique feature of our breast care clinic is the minimally invasive lump excision biopsy that avoids open surgery. This is done using the Mammotome: the first in Western India.

Invasive procedures on the breast are feared by women and account for their reluctance to undergo preventive diagnosis. For them the Mammotome is a blessing, as it ensures a stitchless, painless, scar free surgery and requires no hospitalisation.

Breast Sparing Surgery

We are Pune's only hospital that offers 'Least Invasive' surgery where only a small portion of the breast is removed and only affected nodes are dissected. This prevents side-effects like hand edema. Internationally, this is the surgery of choice, as it is not only safe, but also extremely effective. This procedure also helps in avoiding mutilation, seen in total breast removal surgeries.

Tumour Specific Liver Surgery

We are the only center in Pune that offers a treatment that specifically targets only the tumour cells, while still preserving the rest of the liver.

At Jehangir, Liver Surgery is carried out along with Radio Frequency Ablation and Hepatic Artery Chemotherapy. This provides the patient a much better quality of life, while reducing morbidity.

Jehangir Hospital - A Renowned Center For Clinical Trials In Cancer

Having successfully completed over 25 international cancer trials, approved by the US FDA, for various Cancer Molecules, we are now recognised as a leading Clinical Trial Center in India.

This has been particularly beneficial for patients, since the hospital is able to quickly arrange for the latest cancer drugs for unresponsive cancers, even if they are not available in the Indian market.